39. Army of Darkness (1983)

13 Feb

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Roger gave this movie a Thumbs Down in his At The Movies review. Roger liked the state of the art special effects but can’t recommend the movie because he said “it’s not that funny, because most of the funny stuff in this movie was already seen in his movie from 1987 Evil Dead II which this one is allegedly kind of a sequel to.”
In his written review Roger gave the movie 2 stars. He says “The movie isn’t as funny or entertaining as Evil Dead II, however, maybe because the comic approach seems recycled. Then again, the movie seems aimed at an audience of 14-year olds, who would have been 8 when Evil Dead II came out, so maybe this will all seem breathtakingly original.”
I think this movie can stand on its own and should be judged on its own. It’s funny, entertaining and seems to have gotten even better with age (and I’m not 14 years old). It’s very rare when you get good comic writing paired with good special effects. On IMDB it has a 7.6 rating and has a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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