8. The Usual Suspects (1995)

22 Apr
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This review of Roger’s is a little different for me than many of the others. This was not a movie that I loved, but I did think it was very good. A lot of people, however, do love The Usual Suspects . It is rated #22 with an 8.7 rating on IMDB. It is a very popular movie.
I enjoyed it. I thought it was interesting and I am still surprised by it every time I see it.
Was it hard to follow? Yes. But it was hard to follow in the same way that Memento was. It was fun to try to figure out what was actually going on.
Roger takes notes during the movies and said “my comprehension began to slip, and finally I wrote down: ‘To the degree that I do understand, I don’t care.’ ” Roger thought the movie was manipulative. (Here is a link to his review).
Although not one of my favorites, it is much better than the one and a half stars that Roger gave it. It has to go down as one of his worst reviews.
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